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Cancel & Return Policy

Cancellation Policy

You need to confirm the choice of cards before placing the final order. You need to understand that a customer cannot cancel the order after making payment for it. It is not possible to cancel or get a refund for the printed cards. For stopping the printing of the cards, you need to get in touch with Customer Care within 24 hours of making the payment. We can try to cancel the order before printing starts. But, if the printing has started, you cannot cancel the order. If cancellation happens after 24 hours or after the print has started, we do not entertain any request for cancellation.

There are conditions to cancel an order before printing. It is not possible to cancel after you permit to print the card. We will not refund the amount if you decide to cancel the order after giving a nod to print. We also permit the cancellation of blank cards before shipping them to your address. For already shipped orders, we do not entertain cancellation.

Errors In Printed Cards

We do not offer an exchange or refund of printed cards. The printing of cards occurs strictly in accordance with the sample accepted and verified by you. According to the law, we accept no liability when a printing error occurs due to the errors in the file/sample submitted and verified by you. We also hold no responsibility for inconsistencies occurring in the sample file submitted by you and the order. We have a clause that states that correction of any error in the printing after the approval of final proof occurs at your expense, irrespective of the party at fault.

We make sure you see multiple videos or pictures of the wedding cards before deciding on the one you like. You get the sample of the card with the text you wish to print for confirmation. We proceed to the next step only after getting the all-clear from you. We take utmost care to ensure the printing of the cards matches your requirement. You may see minor variations in the paper of the wedding cards. If you find errors in the printed cards, contact our customer care for reprinting or refund. 

Returns And Replacement

We guarantee the shipment ordered reaches you without suffering from any issues. We pack your orders properly with care. We also choose the reputed courier companies to deliver the shipment without any hassles. It eliminates any delay, damage, or loss of shipment. Hence, we take no liability for any unforeseen event causing issues with the delivery of the non-printed cards. Please inspect the goods carefully upon receiving them from the courier company to eliminate the presence of any damage. Inform any damage or defects to our customer care within 48 hours of receiving the order. If the damage occurs due to mishandling by third-party logistics, we can try getting a refund.

We replace the defective ones as soon as you get in touch with our customer care team. You need to report any claims or damages within 24 hours of receiving the order. We shall not entertain the claims after the specified time period. Our friendly customer care team will help you get through the necessary steps to get the refund. We shall not take responsibility for the inconvenience or loss caused by your actions.

You may see a slight difference in the color tones observed in the samples offered on the website to the final output. The color resolution of your computer or phone's screen causes minor variations. Refund initiation does not occur in case you fail to like the design, pattern, or color. A variation of ±5% to10% has become the acceptable norm worldwide. Not liking the pattern or design of the product due to slight variation from the online sample does not come under the refund policy.


If you become eligible for the refund, you need to provide the shipping costs incurred during the shipment of the cards from the destination to our office. You also retain a percentage of the total costs incurred as a processing fee.

A refund is issued only after receiving the receipt of the materials in good condition. Customers must make sure they return the cards in the original packaging along with the copy of the invoice provided by us. Make sure to pack them together in a secure box separately. We will not accept any used or partial pack of cards. Returns in envelopes will also fail to generate a refund.

Customers returning the invitation need to send a mail to us detailing the reasons why you have returned the cards. Our customer support executive will get in touch with you to resolve any problems. You get the money refunded when the executive fails to come to any solutions that satisfy you.